At the end of the last academic year, Abbey Park First School were awarded the Silver School Games Mark. The School Games Mark is an awards scheme that is led by the government and is designed to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school. Participating in the annual School Games Mark allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and develop an action plan for future progress. Our provision was seen worthy of the Silver award and the next academic year we shall be striving for Gold! This was a team effort and the children should be very proud of this achievement and their dedication to Physical Education within school and also at a competitive level.


Commonwealth Games Colour Run!


Abbey Park celebrated National Numeracy Day by immersing themselves in maths and jelly beans! After reading ‘How Many Jelly Beans’ by Andrea Menotti, children weighed jelly beans and counted them, used them in patterns and fractions and even used them in algebra. The highlight to estimating how many jelly beans were in a jar – 126!


We are thrilled to confirm that Miss Scully was awarded ‘Headteacher of the Year 2023’ at the Worcestershire Education Awards that took place last night at The Abbey Hotel, in Malvern.

We are so proud of her achievement and feel this confirms her outstanding support and commitment to our pupils and families at Abbey Park Schools Federation.

Well done Miss Scully, you are the best!


Here at Abbey Park Middle School, we have close links to Ndola First Steps School in Zambia, following a visit undertaken by one of our teachers, Richard Martin, in Spring 2015. Since this visit, teachers from Zambia have returned the favour by joining us at our school, to study how education is different in our country and to learn from our good practice. This link has provided our pupils with many opportunities to share experiences, ask questions and explore the cultural differences in this beautiful country. 

This is why when the Headteacher of Ndola First Steps School, Preston Mulenga, contacted us to help provide books and funds for their upcoming library project the whole Abbey Park Schools Federation jumped at the chance.

Over the past year we have worked on a number of fundraising initiatives including: running a school tuck shop; selling ice creams on hot days; cake raffles; and fundraising amongst staff. As a result of this we raised £1053, which we were able to send directly to Zambia, so the school could buy resources relevant to their curriculum. As you will see from the photographs, the Zambian children have been able to benefit from a wide range of learning materials, as well as a new laptop computer for use within the library setting. We have also been able to collect a selection of high quality books, which will be sent to Zambia with a friend of the school this Easter.

The school would like to thank all staff, parents and pupils for their help and support with this project, the resources will make a huge difference to the pupils of Ndola First Steps School.


Healthy Lifestyles Workshop for Parents – 23.11.22

This was a great success! Thank you to all of our visitors that came in from the local community and to our parents that supported this event.

Parent feedback on this workshop…

“Great opportunity to learn about some local services and groups. Teachers and school staff have been so helpful. Thank you”

“Very helpful, absolutely loved it, speaking to people and I was pointed in the right direction for library and dental care”


A message from the Executive Headteacher

Abbey Park Federation of schools includes an outstanding pre – school, a teacher led nursery, a first school and a middle school, sharing a spacious site opposite the Abbey in the beautiful town of Pershore.

Children across the Federation are taught by inspirational, passionate staff that are relentless in their drive to ensure children make progress and are happy in their learning. All children are appropriately challenged at their level and experience a rich, varied curriculum with many enrichment and extracurricular activities and opportunities including trips abroad.


Safeguarding Children, including Child Protection, at Abbey Park Schools Federation

This school believes that it is always unacceptable for a child to experience abuse of any kind. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children.

We will provide staff and volunteers with guidance to follow when they suspect a child may be experiencing abuse or at risk of harm. We will work co-operatively with other agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. We will ensure that our concerns about our pupils are discussed with parents/carers first – unless we have reason to believe that such a move would be contrary to the child’s welfare.

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Rebecca Scully
Deputy Safeguarding Leads, including Child Protection: Claire Mitchell, Sue Jennings and Neil Grimshaw

Early Years Designated Safeguarding Lead: Rebecca Scully
Prevent Single Point of Contact (SPOC): Rebecca Scully
Safeguarding Governors: Nick Jones and Lucy Thornton

We will review our policy and procedures on an annual basis.

Are you a member of the public and worried about a child?

If you have reason to believe that a child, young person or adult is at immediate risk from harm contact the Police:

  • telephone: 999

If you have any concerns about a child or young person living in Worcestershire and feel that they may be in need of protection or safeguarding contact the Family Front Door.

Staff are available Monday to Thursday from  9.00am to 5.00pm and Fridays from 9.00am to 4.30pm.

For assistance out of office hours (weekdays and all day at weekends and bank holidays):

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