A tremendous celebration of the Arts happened here during the second week of January. The Arts Festival involved all of the pupils of the school, parents and guests from ‘Rooftop Housing.’ Pupils were able to participate in a range of events encompassing the Arts. We had three professional artists in school during the week: Victoria Harrison (Living Mosaics) Mosaic making; Emily Hastings (Acting Up) Drama, and Nick and Karen Ledbury (Glamba) Samba Workshops.

Here 6MD tell you what they enjoyed during the week. Please let Mrs. Davis know if you would like to add to this web posting with your own memorable moments

Box Making with Mrs Pickerell

In arts week there where loads of activities it was lots of fun but the one I’m mainly focusing on is box making with Mrs Pickerell. It was very interesting experience to find out that you can make a box without using glue. You just need to fold simple way to make a quick box out of anything we are so lucky to have Maggi Davis to get all of this planned for us. Thank you for a great week.

Jack Smith

Clay Modelling with Mrs. Davis

During arts week the school modelled clay. Harmony, peace and love were the three themes that we did. I made a curved hand to make peace. We all got on really well and quite a few of us made peace and love not many of us made harmony even though all of them were really good. The clay modelling was really good and the teachers were really proud of us. The clay pieces were so lovely. We have to finish painting them so they look even better. They will look shop worthy and excellent.

Sienna Parkington


Clay Models

I have had lots of fun in the arts week but clay modelling stands out to me and it was my favourite because we could make any thing we wanted so I built a big love heart with 2 medium sized love hearts at the bottom with a small love heart on top. I’m sure that everyone loved it too (just between me and you Mrs. Davis said mine’s the best). Anyway it’s lots of fun and anyone can do it. If you want you could build the Eiffel Tower!

Spencer Blight

Computer Art with Mr. Martin

During Arts Week there was time for computer art. The art had to represent Rio Carnival. Here are some pictures of what I did. Do you like them? If you do then I feel happy and proud (not at the same time).

Oscar Roundell

Cookery with Miss. Hirst

The activity was cookery. We made funnel cakes which are typical Carnival Food. They were like pancakes with icing sugar on the top. We did it in our initials or a swirl. They were crispy. We got on quite nicely because were made the batter then we fried it. The funnel cakes were really good they taste like pancakes with icing sugar.

Connie Ford

Costumes with Mrs. Palmer

During the Arts Festival, one the activities was costume designs! This was my favourite. I really enjoyed it because you could be as creative as you wanted! The only limit was your imagination! Unfortunately, we only had one lesson on this, so we couldn’t finish the design, or even start making it. I decided to do a flamingo costume. All it needs is a short white T-shirt showing off your stomach a bit, then stick some pink feathers to the end so they hang down like a short skirt. Then get some extra short shorts and do the same thing. So you get some bright pink feathers and sew them onto the shorts, (Again, so they hang down like a skirt.) but other children, like Teagan for example, did something completely different! She wanted to make a Unicorn onesie. Grace made a llama costume out of feathers, and Millie made a blackbird out of sweet wrappers! So, as you can see, everyone did something completely unique, and wonderful! Thank you, Mrs. Palmer, for helping us do this!

Carly Young

Dance with Mrs. Cotton

This piece of writing is about dancing in the Carnivals. The teacher was really nice. We did dance form a carnival in Rio de Janeiro. We got on really well and got to show the rest of the class what we had achieved in a small amount of time. At the end of the session Mrs. Cotton was really proud of all of the children especially Grace Gwynn-Newitt and she told Mrs. Davis. There was a great dance in the Final Showcase.

Teagan Cosnett

Drama with Emily Hastings

During arts week we created a carnival scene in drama. We worked in small groups and recreated the energy and atmosphere in Rio. We worked on our expressions and how to show the audience how we were feeling to show our excitement of carnivals. We also learnt about different carnivals around the world.

Ryan Lienerth

Carnival Feathers with Mrs. Boucker

During Arts week we made feathers out of card. Feathers are different colours. We got to take it home if we made more than one. I made yellow, black and pink. I like pink one because it was pretty and amazing. Everyone made one in the end there were loads. We made them for display and the Final Showcase.

Eve Parker and Daisy Hunt

ICT and Art with Mr. Martin

In Year 6 one of the activities that we did during art week was art on the computers in the ICT room. We did this using Microsoft Publisher. Our teacher was Mr Martin. He showed us some carnival floats and we had to create our own float by using shapes on Publisher. We all had different designs and there were a lot of bright, fluorescent colours. Some of us had copy and pasted carnival photos and changed the colours, while others started from scratch, just using shapes. Once we had finished our float designs, we walked around the class to look at each other’s work. Some of the different designs included things like birds, people dancing and other animals like a chameleon, a gorilla and fish. Daisy and I made a white bird (It could be a Cockatoo or a swan.) Carly made a bright multi-coloured float.

Millie Simon

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