A PRE-SCHOOL has been nominated for this year’s Early Years Education Award, after the school’s nursery won the award last year.

Abbey Park Pre-School, in Pershore, has been nominated for a Worcestershire Education Award.

Speaking about the award nomination, pre-school leader Sue Jennings, said: “It makes me feel warm that we have been nominated again. It is lovely to be recognised by other people on how hard we work.

“We like to think at Abbey Park that we really do care about every single child, no matter what their background or ability. The staff go above and beyond for the children.”

The nomination shows staff at Abbey Park are enthusiastic and sit down to eat with the children at lunch time to encourage interaction and communication.

Mrs Jennings, aged 49 said: “It is important to all of the staff to be a good role model to the children. We are an inclusive school and ensure all children have fun while learning through play.

“Every child is a unique individual and we treat every child with their own merit. What we try and achieve is to make every child feel valued.

“It doesn’t matter to me as a practitioner how quickly children learn. Every child learns differently and at a different pace. We aim to inspire the children and challenge them in their learning.

“The parents feel they can work with the school in a partnership. As a team we make a difference to their child. We make an effort to work with the children’s family as a whole and embrace the partnership.”

Andy Reynolds, who nominated Abbey Park Pre-school, said: “They are caring and compassionate and treat every child as though they are their own.

“The learning taking place is outstanding, and they provide excellent learning opportunities for all children following the children’s interests and they make every opportunity accessible for all children.

“Nothing is ever too much for any of the practitioners and they organise the most amazing learning opportunities for every child to access. The child is definitely the heart of the preschool and the practitioners are so friendly and helpful.

“A hug and a smile goes a long way in a child’s mind.”

Abbey Park First and Nursery School won the 2018 Early Years Education Award.

From Worcester News

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