Welcome all to the new PE section of the website. As a school we thought it was important to celebrate all that we are doing in our curriculum in relation to PE. We realise how important it is to keep not only our minds, but also our bodies active in a variety of different ways.

Sporting Superstars!

Here at Abbey Park we love to celebrate sporting achievements inside and outside of school! Here are a few of the latest superstars that we have celebrated during celebration assemblies on Friday’s at school.

Chloe has been collecting even more awards! She has got three sixth place awards and one fourth place award, all for her efforts in gymnastics. She got sixth places for beam, floor and vault and fourth place for bar. Way to go Chloe!

Martha recently completed a 5k run!

Heidi is having great success in ballet.

Harry was celebrated as student of the year at apex martial arts! Way to go Harry!

Chloe has gained two medals at her local gymnastics club! Keep it up Chloe!

Mia has got a menagerie of medals ranging from gymnastics to swimming! You’re doing amazingly. Well done!


On Monday 22nd May, 10 year 3 and 4 children made their way to Pershore tennis club to take part in a variety of different tennis activities. We had a fabulous time learning new skills and came back very pleased with ourselves.

Running Club Update!

Check out our running clubs early morning runners. We have committed to running each Wednesday morning come rain or shine, or even frost! We have run a combined total of 86 miles now which is absolutely huge. We work each week on beating our lap score from the week before and we are doing really well! I wonder how far we will run this week and where we will end up?!

Running Club

Wow! Our Wednesday morning run club has got off to a speedy start! Our runners are clocking up some serious miles at a serious pace. So far, we have added all our miles together and we have run as far as Bromsgrove! Golly gosh! Today we racked up another 30 miles between and with three weeks left to go, let’s see how far we can go!

Chance to Shine

We have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to work alongside a charity called ‘Chance to Shine’. This is a charity that funds cricket lessons alongside Pershore Cricket Club. They will be joining us next term to teach years 2, 3 & 4 for six weeks. They will coach us on how to become cricket experts and also train some of our year 6 pupils in how to be successful playground leaders, so that they can run lunchtime clubs here at the first school. The sessions are an hour long each, with the hope of taking part in some competitive cricket as well. The timetable is below so keep an eye out on when your child’s class has their session. If for any reason there are any timetable changes your child’s class teacher will let them know. For anyone who doesn’t get the six week programme, the charity come back in for a day to give a taster of cricket to those classes. There will also be a celebration assembly at the end of the six week programme to celebrate all involved.

Questionnaire Results

Thank you ever so much to everyone that sent back their questionnaire responses saying how you got to and from school. We had a very positive response back and the results are as follows:

 76% of children walk to school

10% scooter or cycle

14% drive

90% do this more than 3 times a week

95% of pupils who walk or scooter to school live over 2 miles away which means a HUGE 86% of children complete 30 minutes of exercise a day, not including what is completed at school! This is AMAZING news. Keep it up!

Have a scroll down to see what we have been up to so far in the Autumn term…

Quick sticks hockey:

A group of year 3 and year 4 children attended a quicksticks hockey tournament TDMS. We were not sure what to expect as we are not too familiar with this form of hockey, but we went with determination and competed against different teams.

Panathlon Event:

A group of our children were invited to Evesham to take part in a Panathlon Event. This is where you try a variety of different sports that are accessible to all children, no matter what their ability. We had the most wonderful time and came home with our very own medal for participating which we proudly showed off during celebration assembly.

Hockey U9:

Our team of under nines went to the ri first ever away hockey game at Bowbrook school and were not sure what to expect from it all. However, they showed amazing team work and determination and secured their very first win! Safe to say there were smiles and high fives all around! Well done team. Keep it up!

Hockey U11:

This was the first time since Covid that Abbey Park have hosted an event at the school and we were very excited about it. We were welcoming in Bowbrook U11 hockey team to our ground and we played fantastically as a team, working together and really trying to use all the opportunities that arouse. Unfortunately we didn’t steal the win this time, but it was a fantastic afternoon and we look forward to playing again.

Bollywood Dance:

We have also been lucky enough to have been taught a lesson on Bollywood Dance from a professional dancer. Each class in the first school had their own sessions and got the chance to show off their moves! We had a great time and learnt a full dance during our time.

Year 3 Swimming:

As part of our curriculum lessons Foxes class have been thoroughly enjoying our weekly swimming lessons – we have gained confidence and skill over the few months we have been going and have developed a real love of swimming. We will now pass the lessons over to Woodpeckers class who begin their sessions on the 20th of January and we have no doubt they will enjoy it as much as we did! Here is a taster of the fun you will have!

Still to come:

U9 and U11 Netball matches against Bowbrook school – We have more matches against Bowbrook school this coming term. Keep an eye out on the website for the results!

New Clubs – We have brand new clubs beginning soon in the first school for KS1 and KS2 so keep an eye out for the letter about those and join!

Inter school competition – Ideas are in the pipeline for more interschool competitions throughout the term in our PE lessons so keep checking the website for details when they are finalised.

More out of school competitive sport – Once the weather starts getting a bit warmer we are going to be taking on other schools in a variety of different sporting events throughout the summer term, so make sure you are ready for some friendly competition!

And much much more!

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