Abbey Park Pre-School – Bumble Bees

Our Amazing Work!

We have been remembering the soldiers that protect us in times of conflict. We watched the CBeebies film remembrance, whilst helped us discuss and think about our emotions.

We then painted poppies using our hands.

We have continued to enjoy Autumn activities in preschool this week. Making scented potions, hammering pumpkins and spiders from play dough.

We welcomed parents into preschool for our Autumn stay and play.

This week we have been thinking about Autumn. We have been in forest school collecting treasure such as fir cones, conkers, leaves, sticks. We practiced good listening and heard the wind when we were in base camp.

We used our hands to paint spikes on our hedgehogs we loved getting messy.

Conker rolling was great fun, we experimented tilting  the drainpipe to make the conkers move faster.

This week we have used the book You choose by Nick Sherratt. The book helped us think about our favourite things and we created a lovely sticking collage of the children’s favourite food, pets, houses, furniture and clothes.

We made people from biscuit dough; the children used their fine motor skills to roll out the dough and add facial features with raisins.

This week we have concentrating on keeping healthy.

We have practiced cleaning our teeth and using our fine motor skills to squeeze the toothpaste.

We tasted a wide variety of healthy food at snack time.

We stuck pictures of healthy choices on a lunch box.

Continuing our topic This is Me.

We have been talking about who is in our family and how much we are loved.

The children painted with Lego bricks to make walls for their houses.


Today we said goodbye to our class butterflies. We sang our bye, bye song and watched them fly off into the world.

This week we have explored the seaside. We had our own beach. We enjoyed a picnic at the beach.

We found sea creatures in the gloop, it felt very strange to touch. Some of us didn’t like it.

We enjoyed selling ice cream in our shop.

This week our class caterpillars arrived. Their names are Princess Bluey, Bing, Lightening McQueen, Hulk and Charlie.

We used our fine motor skills to make caterpillars for our wall display.

Race for Life

This week we have been exploring mini beasts. We went to forest school to see what we could find.
We were mini explorers.

Stay and Play

Our focus this week our focus has been jungle animals.
We have used tweezers to pick out the tiny animals and then a magnifying glass to identify them.
Our sensory jungle was exciting to explore.

This term our topic is our wonderful world.

We are focusing on different environments in our world. This week we are thinking about the countryside and the farm.
We have planted seeds, pumpkins, carrots, radish and cress, we are excited to see them grow.
All of the farm animals had got very mucky on the farm. We cleaned them up using soapy water, and brushes.

This week we zoomed in our rocket ship to the moon.

This week our transport focus has been on aeroplanes. The children were excited to make and decorate paper aeroplanes and then see how far they could fly on the field.

This week we have explored transport by boat or submarine. Lots of water play and exploring items that might float or sink.

This week we have been celebrating the king’s coronation. We made crowns, carriages. Learnt that the new king’s name is Charles, and he will wear a crown, his coronation is in London.
We ended the week with a party with all our early year’s friends.

All the children in the Early Years learnt about the King’s Coronation. We decorated cakes, made beautiful crowns and had a street party! It was such a fun day.

This week our focus has been travel by bus. The children enjoyed our bus role play, buying tickets and deciding where to go.

We have introduced our new topic how can we move around our world.

We looked at the cars and mini bus in the school car park. We were able to sit on the mini bus which was very exciting.

We made different tracks by pushing vehicles through paint.

Preschool have enjoyed a lovely week of spring activities. We have looked at daffodils, learnt some key language – petals, stem, daffodil.

Later we painted with daffodils.

We have enjoyed making cakes and taking part in Easter crafts this week.

We were excited that the Easter bunny visited us.

Happy Easter from Preschool

We had a lovely Easter stay and play. Thank you for coming.

We finished our role who help us topic focusing on the role of doctors and nurses. We made our home corner into a hospital ward and we saw lots of patients.

This week we have been thinking about who can help us in our family.

We have focused on our Mummies. We made special cards and decorated pots and chose a plant to pot up to give to our Mum on Sunday. We made lots of lovely crafts for our Mums.

We watched Tee and Mo a bag full of love.  Whilst we were watching we talked about how much we are loved by our family.

We cleaned the dolls in a bubble bath, like our family help us have a bath.

This week we have focused on firefighters. We have been able to use key language such as fire engine, hose, fire station.

We made hoses from water bottles and cardboard tubes.

Preschool enjoyed world book day. Dressing up and sharing stories together.

This week we have been learning how to cross the road. Our key language has been stop, look and listen.

The children enjoyed using the road signs in role play and dressing up to make ourselves visible.

This week we have shared the book Guess how much I love you?

We have talked about people we love and who loves us.

We’ve iced biscuits, made potions with fragrant tea bags and flower petals.

This week we wrote to the zoo to send us a pet. Every day we took delivery of different animals, some were too big, jumpy, cheeky or tall, so we had to send them back.

We enjoyed exploring the wild animals and listening to the story Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.

Our story theme this week was Goldilocks and the 3 bears.
Preschool have enjoyed mixing porridge and then trying it. Most of us thought it was just right and gobbled it all up.
We made a house for the 3 bears with the building bricks.
We used forks in the paint to make it look like fur.
We are becoming excellent story tellers.

Our story this week was the 3 little pigs. The children have enjoyed retelling the story with puppets and props. We blew paint like the wolf. Shaving foam was our cement to make a strong safe house for the pigs to live in.

Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.

The children have loved our story this week, we have made gingerbread men out of play dough and grated ginger into it. We retold the story with props in the rice play.

We have been exploring snow and ice in preschool. We have designed our own Olaf snowman, explored the slippery cold ice and enjoyed some sensory snow.

Christmas fun in preschool

Pre-School and Nursery Christmas Songs to parents – 14th Dec 2022

Lots of parents came in to see our little singing show and then many parents stayed on for a mince pie!

Here are some of the parents’ comments…

“Absolutely wonderful; well organised, children looked great”

“Lovely how it was put together, hard work from staff, thank you”

“Heart warming. I felt emotional”

“Considering their age, amazing”

“Lovely, very nice”

“Brilliant, my daughter was very excited this morning”

“Loved the costumes”

“Nice to have normality”

“Loved every minute of it”

Preschool enjoyed a visit to see Father Christmas at St Peters garden centre. We had so much fun.

We have been enjoying lots of sensory play in preschool, we have enjoyed mixing scents that you would associate with winter – pine, cinnamon, chocolate, oranges and mixed spices.

Preschool are thinking this week about birthday celebrations.

We enjoyed lots of filling and emptying activities, making cakes, hats and cards.

Preschool enjoyed celebrating and dressing up for children in need.

This week preschool have taken part in World nursery rhyme week. We enjoyed activities around the rhymes – 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive, 5 little speckled frogs and twinkle twinkle little star.

Preschool watched the CBeebies poppy film, to help us think about why we wear a poppy.

We talked about how scared the rabbit was, we saw him trembling we thought he might be scared. He felt safe under the soldier’s helmet with his friend snail. When the bangs stopped the poppies grew in the fields and the rabbit was happy.

We then painted our own poppies with our fingers and red and black paint.

Preschool watched some fireworks on the big screen, we then used play dough, glitter and fine sand to explore what the fireworks looked like.

We used language to describe what the fireworks did – up,up,up, bang, whoosh, sparkle and pop.

What a wonderful morning! Pre-School had another Stay and Play for parents today.

Parent feedback from this morning….

“I loved seeing all of the activities he’s been enjoying.”

“It was fantastic to see the things Arthur enjoys to do at Pre-School.”

“Really enjoyed seeing where and what he plays with”

“Lovely morning, loved seeing all the things that Billy enjoys. So much fun!”

“Fab morning, loved it, thank you”

Preschool enjoyed some Bollywood dancing to celebrate Diwali.

Preschool have enjoyed lots of Autumnal walks this week. Looking for signs that the season has changed.

We are learning to understand our world.

Bubble Fun

We looked ourselves in the mirror, we could find our facial features.

We are learning how to brush our hair, we practiced brushing the dolls and ponies hair.

We are painting our houses using duplo bricks.

Rolling with conkers

We are learning about ourselves, we have looked at our faces and enjoyed painting our hands.

Exploring Pre-School

Pre-School children have enjoyed exploring their new environment.

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