Reception – Owls

We’ve started a new Topic called ‘We are Heroes’.

As we return to school, we are busy thinking about the people in our community who are our very own superheroes. We will be learning about the role of lots of different professions. We start the year by looking at the role of doctors and nurses. We will be asking questions about where they work, what they do and how. We will then explore the roles of teachers, the police, the fire service, and vets.
Our literacy texts this term will be from the Supertato series of books. We will explore and link the differing professions within our community to our texts. So far, we have thought carefully about the different medical treatments we’ve given our patients due to Evil Pea’s antics. Here is a link to the story we are learning in class over the next coming weeks.

Zones of Regulation

As a school we have a focus on well-being. We have been learning all about the Zones of Regulation. The children have been considering different emotions, facial expressions and how we can work out other people’s feelings. We continually discuss lots of different emotions and what can cause people to experience different feelings.

On a day-to-day basis, as different scenarios arise, we think carefully about how we can support and help our friends feel better when they are experiencing unexpected feelings. We have read different stories since the beginning of term and one story we have used regularly is The Colour Monster. The Colour Monster has helped us to label our emotions during the school day. When we are expressing our feelings, we use our Zones of Regulation display board to label our emotions. Here is a link to different texts we use in class to help support our understanding of feelings and emotions.

Learning to Subitise! This is when you are able to look at a group of objects and know how many there are without counting.

We had fun counting things in our environment.

Our New Reception Class

Our Amazing Work!

During our pirate day we walked the plank! Yo! Ho! Ho!

We loved the ice pops to cool us down.

We learnt how to write England ….

We loved our visit to Bishops Wood and learnt lots about the woods and creatures!

In Forest School, we played a listening game and needed to follow the sounds.

We loved the story ‘Shark in the Park’ and made our own telescopes just like the boy in the story.

This is Balancibility!

This is fun – we are teaching each other to count in Welsh and Polish

Exploring measurement and working out who is longer!

We looked at  x-rays and drew our own.

This week we have been weighing objects to see which is heavier. We used the big balance scales!

We are problem solving with the maze we made!

Look what happens to the water!

I am wondering how long it will take for my cress to grow….

Creating my own Supertato from our exciting story!

What will happen to the seeds?

On Superhero Day we are completing Superhero challenges!

I have written a sentence about my Super Mum!

We are learning to ride the Balance Bikes – wheeee!

We are excited to enjoy our playtime in the sunshine using our fab equipment.

We love phonics outside and we are learning our sounds to help us read and write.

What are we choosing to write today?

Shame this picture doesn’t have sound!

Loving our outdoor Story Corner!

We have loved learning about minibeasts!

We are investigating frogs and will see what happens to this frogspawn.

Learning about Spring animals, look at my beautiful baby chick!

I am ordering the numbers and know what comes next.

Exploring the climbing frame and balance bridge 🙂

We have set up a new coffee shop and loved choosing and serving drinks!

Prices are very reasonable too.

We used the cubes to make rainbow patterns.

Andy Goldsworthy art

Maths – using Maltesers to learn about one less (yes, we ate them!) 🙂

In Forest School we built a fire pit!

We have loved our story Lost and Found so we are reenacting taking the penguin back to the South Pole in our row boat.

Carry On Our Learning: The Mud Kitchen

Celebrating Diwali

Olly made his own costume from fabric and a mask , he is a Ravanna the demon king from the story of Ramu and Sita.

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