Year 1- Rabbits and Ladybirds

Our Amazing Work!

Year 1 have been writing fact files about lions. They have tried to include special vocabulary and interesting information. They have been encouraged to use capital letters, full stops and question marks correctly.

Year 1 have been exploring shape and form using clay in Art. They used their scientific knowledge to ensure they had included the correct amount of legs, antennas and body parts.

We have been enjoying our new topic all about mini-beasts! We used clay to create our favourite mini-beasts. We’re going to paint them once they’ve dried! We have also been immersing ourselves into different stories – we love reading in Y1! In maths, we’ve been thinking about place value. We created our own number lines on the playground. Some children even went beyond 100!

Year 1 have been observing mini-beasts (invertebrates) in their habitats. We loved using the iPads to look closely, zooming in on our pictures and sharing them with each other using airdrop!

Year 1 Rabbits have enjoyed looking carefully at shape and line when sketching flowers. They loved using watercolours to paint with and were very pleased with their art work.

Year 1 have started a new topic exploring plants. We have been sowing beetroot, pea, bean and lettuce seeds in our outdoor area. Now we have to water them and watch them grow!

Year 1 have been doing lots of planting this week! We have planted peas, beetroot, sweet peas, petunias and sunflowers. We even planted our own sunflower seeds to take home and look after. I wonder how tall they will grow?


We also had an illustrating lesson by Alex T. Smith. We followed step by step instructions on how to draw the dog from the Claude book series. We did good listening and followed all of the instructions – look at our amazing pictures!

Year 1 have been making moving pictures using sliders, levers and wheels.

After listening to the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs, Year 1 pretending to be different characters. They have used story language and different punctuation. Here are some great examples from Amelia-Rose and Heidi.

Summer-Rae has joined in brilliantly with our story of Little Red Riding Hood and has written a fantastic version too!

We have really been enjoying our daily reading session after lunch. We choose our own books and we read the story, or we make up our own story based on the pictures. Super reading, Year 1!

We have been learning all about the weather this week as well as direction. We created our own weather vanes and took them outside to find out which way the weather was blowing. Was it north, east, south or west? Lots of fun was had!

In English, we worked on acrostic poems. We created some fantastic pieces of work! Miss Hughes is very proud. We have also been thinking about climate change and what we could do to save our planet – we had some great ideas! Turning the lights off when leaving the room, to use our cars less and use our bikes and to recycle our rubbish. Such a busy week!

Year 1’s having fun on World Book Day.

The Y1’s have been learning all about space. We used pastels to create the solar system. This is Emily’s fantastic work!

The Y1’s made their own kites. Here is Alfie’s – he chose to make his kite out of fabric. Super home learning!

Bella has produced this amazing piece of writing based on watching a clip from the movie ‘Up’. She has thought very carefully about what adjectives to use to describe how Carl is feeling on his adventure.

Year 1 have been designing a new amazing toy, here are some of their prototypes. They have been very creative with their ideas using various different skills.

We have been designing toys and creating a prototype through junk modelling.  These are Noah’s, Jonah’s and Alfie’s.

Look at this great work by Chloe!


“Look at this amazing piece of creative writing that Xander did”- Mrs Mitchell

Leighton is learning so much at home. He is able to present his work brilliantly. It shows the amazing things you can achieve with just a piece of paper and a pencil!


We had fun dancing and writing about Children in Need today.


Year 1’s having fun planting pansies!


Welcome to Year 1!

We are really looking forward to meeting you all and can’t wait to begin our learning journey together.

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