Year 2 – Hedgehogs and Otters

Our Amazing Work!

Year 2 visited Pershore Library and loved exploring the huge range of children’s books. They really did not want to leave and can’t wait to go back again next half term.

The children in Hedgehogs have been busy programming Beebots to navigate mazes on a floor mat. They wrote their own algorithms, predicted the outcomes and then tested them out. Great fun was had by all!

In Maths recently, we have been learning about different measurements. The children loved learning about capacity, splashing about in the sunshine as they were doing so!

Year 2 loved taking part in a speed stacking workshop where the children learnt to increase the speed at which they could stack and unstuck plastic cups. It was SO fun. By the end of the workshop, the quickest child could build a pyramid and take it down again in 7 seconds! WOW!

This is an update on our class allotment. As you can see, our peas have been growing brilliantly and we now have some rhubarb, lettuce, carrots and strawberries coming up too. We have just planted some tomato plants as well. Inside the classroom, we have been growing cress and beans in different conditions. Year 2 are a class of budding gardeners and growers!

Every Friday, we do an Active Maths lesson. This week we have been estimating and then measuring how far we can jump, before comparing lengths too. We had great fun!

We have been busy coding screen turtles to create different 2D shapes. As part of our current topic, we are helping a local garden centre to create new seed packets. Next week, we plan to code the screen turtles to draw the flowers we will put onto these packets. Watch this space!

We have been learning about plants in Science and made our own paper helicopters to be like maple and sycamore seeds. We had great fun seeing how their design helped them to disperse to another area!

We have been practising our tennis skills in our PE lessons recently. We are now getting more and more accurate at hitting the ball towards a target. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon in the sun!

Year 2 recreated the Great Fire of London in school. Very exciting!

Year 2 have been busy creating Easter cards for our families. We carefully drew and added patterns to our own Easter bunnies, then used oil pastels to make a jazzy background. The glasses are just for fun!

Year 2 have been busy making perspective pictures of Tudor houses to make them look 3D! We then added strips of black card for the timber beams, turning them into collages. They look great!

At the moment, we are learning all about the Great Fire of London. We found out that one of the reasons that the fire spread so quickly was because of the way in which the houses’ walls were built. We built our own wattle and daub walls (minus the animal dung) to see what it would have been like (sort of!). We had a BRILLIANT and very muddy afternoon!

Year 2 had a brilliant World Book Day! Look at our fantastic costumes! We spent time during the day learning to draw like author and illustrator Rob Biddulph. We drew ‘Odd Dog Out’ and then had a go at making our own pop up books about her or our own characters. It was a BRILLIANT day!

This week, the children in Year 2 began to plant seeds for our class allotment! We have planted some peas and rhubarb. In the coming weeks and months, we hope to plant much more and then eventually harvest what we grow and use it in our own cooking. YUM!​

Over the last few weeks, we have been using all of the apparatus in the hall to practise our gymnastics. We have loved travelling, balancing and jumping in different ways and have really challenged ourselves. We love PE!

Year 2 have been star bakers this week, making their own fruit crumble. The children are busy writing their own recipes for a class recipe book. Yum yum! Watch this space for a Masterchef of the future!

The children have been making their own pneumatic monsters this week. They have created the bodies using junk modelling materials and then used syringes and tubing to push air from one place to another to make parts move. Some monsters had wings that moved and others even had eyes that popped out! Yuck!​

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