Year 2 – Hedgehogs

Our Amazing Work!

Year 2 had a great time on Art Day, making collages in the style of artist, Megan Coyle. The children made their own collage materials, learnt how to draw hedgehogs (our class animal!), then combined a variety of materials with natural objects to create their finished pieces.

Year 2 have been learning about hygiene in science. We have learnt how to keep our hands clean to stop germs entering our body and then we were very lucky to welcome a dental nurse into school. She taught us all how to keep our teeth and mouths healthy. We loved brushing the giant teeth! All the children took home a goody bag full of activities to help them remember how to look after their teeth.

Key Stage 1 visited the Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham to support with their learning in D&T. The children had a fantastic day, doing all sorts of activities including: building and testing Lego skyscrapers on earthquake tables; designing and testing their own vehicles on a variety of ramps; being taught how to build a working seesaw by one of the Legoland engineers; and then visiting Miniland to see all the sights of Birmingham in Lego form! All of the children got so much out of the day and were really ‘wowed’ by the high buildings and busy streets of the city even before we arrived.

In computing, Year 2 have been learning to code robots! The children have been using Beebots on a map to predict the outcomes of algorithms before testing their predictions. It has been great fun!

Year 2 visited Pershore library to further develop a love for reading. First a librarian read a story to all the children and then they got to explore all the wonderful books that were on display. Some children even brought their own library cards and used the machines to borrow a book. All of the children really enjoyed the afternoon and were really keen to go to the library more often outside of school.

Some of the children in Year 2 visited Cropthorne Village Hall to sing the songs from our school Christmas play to a whole room full of elderly people from the surrounding villages. Everybody loved the experience! The children sang their hearts out and then got to eat apple crumble and custard before chatting with their audience about what they have been doing at school recently.

Year 2 had a BRILLIANT day making and packaging slime as part of our Enterprise Day. The children came up with a concept, designed the labels and the content of the slime and then actually made it themselves! Everybody was so excited when the ingredients started coming together to look like real slime! The faces in the photos show how much fun we had!

As part of National Schools Film Week, we went to the Number 8 Theatre to watch Minions 2: The Rise of Gru. All the children had a fantastic time and laughed their socks off all the way through!

In science, we are learning about animals and their offspring. Logan brought in some chicks for us to meet and talked to us about how they change as they grow into adult chickens. The children were so excited, although they were a little bit smelly!

All of the children have been making huge leaps forwards with the quality of their handwriting recently. We have finished writing up our recipes and are now ready to send them home to try out! The way in which the children are forming their letters is looking really nice and a few children are even starting to think about joining!

The children all loved learning a Diwali inspired Indian dance! We had great fun learning lots of different hand and whole body movements, which we then performed to some very funky music!

A massive well done to all of the children in Year 2 who have put so much effort into their reading this past half term. There was a HUGE increase in the amount of reading done at home and this has had a massive impact on all of the children’s learning. To celebrate, we spent some time at the park. Next term’s reading treat will be just before Christmas, celebrating all the reading we are doing at home by snuggling up with a hot chocolate and a Christmas film.

On D&T day, the children made trioramas of Pershore Abbey. They had great fun cutting, sticking and creating free standing structures to represent our local area.

In English, the children in Year 2 are going to be writing instructions and creating their own class recipe book. For inspiration, we made our own bread! We had great fun getting very sticky when kneading the dough. The best part was tasting the bread once it was made though! The smell in the classroom was delicious.

We have been investigating the properties of different materials in science. The children have been testing how well materials absorb water, to decide on the best material to mop up spills around school. They have also tested which material is the most waterproof when designing a new winter roof for a rabbit hutch.


Year 2 had a fantastic time on World Book Day. We heard stories from all the teachers, learnt to draw like famous illustrator Rob Biddulph and competed in the Big World Book Day Quiz. We love reading!

Year two have just started to explore division in Maths. To achieve this, they have been physically splitting large numbers into equal groups.

Year 2 have been learning how to divide in maths. By using counters and sharing plates we had great success!

Year 2 went on a walk around Pershore to identify the human and physical features of its geography. All the children loved using the iPads to take photos of the different features.

Year 2 visited Pershore Library and loved exploring the huge range of children’s books. They really did not want to leave and can’t wait to go back again next half term.

The children in Hedgehogs have been busy programming Beebots to navigate mazes on a floor mat. They wrote their own algorithms, predicted the outcomes and then tested them out. Great fun was had by all!

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