Year 3 – Foxes and Woodpeckers

Our Amazing Work!

Hadrian’s Wall

Further exploring our Roman topic, today we decided to recreate Hadrian’s Wall. We learnt about why the wall was built, how it was built and who lived behind it. We then used Lego to recreate our own version with fabulous results!

Roman Villa

Today we went to visit a real life Roman Villa! We boarded the coach and with excitement and anticipation made the hours journey to Chedworth. We split into two groups and completed two different activities – mosaic making and a guided tour of the Villa. The mosaics were really tricky! We had to concentrate really hard and make sure that we had a great pattern to stick down. On the guided tour we went back in time and learnt even more about the life of a Roman. It was amazing to have history come to life!

Topic Fair

On Friday afternoon we hosted a topic fair for our family and loved ones. We show cased a variety of things we have learnt over the past year from sorting rocks, to naming the human skeleton and also making a real life volcano! It was a huge success and ended with a filmed ukulele concert. What a year it has been!

Victorian Afternoon

We loved having a look back in time at what the Victorian classroom would have been like. We used slate to write on, had a back board for punishment, a dunce’s hat and much much more. We decided that we preferred a modern day classroom, although this was a lot of fun!


On Thursday we went to Envirosort and had a brilliant time! We learnt all about how household items are recycled and how to become an eco-hero! We spent some time in the classroom, then we were lucky enough to get to go and look inside the factory itself! It was awesome watching all the different machines sorting all the recycling into the right piles to be crushed into blocks or then sent off to other factories to be turned into other things. It was enormous and we learnt a lot! An afternoon well spent!

World Book Day!

During the Autumn Term, Foxes have really enjoyed our Road Trip USA topic. They have explored various geographical features using electronic and paper maps to help them learn more about key human and physical features of this amazing country. We took a look at the continent of North America and even designed our very own state! All the children worked really hard in English, trying to improve their sentence structure and were very proud of their leaflets on San Francisco – here are some examples of their work.

During this Spring Term we are now focused on, ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna, which introduces a powerful and moving perspective on migration. Our aim is for children to be able to empathise with the struggles some people in the world may face and create their own illustrated novel based on this topic. The picture book has some very powerful images which we will be exploring with our own art work using watercolours. Once complete, they will then explore and investigate light, dark and shadows in Science and DT with the end result being a shadow puppet theatre production.

Year 3 explored volcanoes on Hawaii Big Island and loved creating their own. We learnt about magma, molten rock and ash clouds. Also how bicarbonate of soda reacts with vinegar!

In Year 3 we have been looking at rocks and fossils. As part of this unit we need to understand the rock cycle, how rocks are formed and what they are called. We used starburst to help learn! We realised that chopped up starburst is just like sediment and once we squashed it with our hands it then turned into sedimentary rock. After that, we needed heat and pressure to help change the rock again. Mrs Martin used her hair dryer and then we squashed the warm rocks so they all bonded together resulting in metamorphic rock. In order to complete the next process of the rock cycle we needed to use extreme heat, but realised we didn’t have a volcano… so we used a microwave! This then melted the metamorphic rock which, when cool, set and made igneous rock!

Science made fun…and also a bit sticky!

The children are really enjoying  ‘Athletics’ this half term! Here they are practising the ‘Sling Throw!’ They had to try and throw a bean bag into one of the hoops. It was one point for the large hoop and two points for the small hoop. They added up their points to see how high they could score!

This week in Topic and English we have been looking at Victorian schools. We have used drama to try and bring the classroom to life, by playing Victorian teacher and getting some very serious discipline! We have also used slate to see how it feels to write a different way. We decided we prefer our books now as we don’t have to rub out our excellent work each day! We are really enjoying learning so much about it!

As previously stated on the website, we have been learning the ukulele in Year 3 and a part of this was to perform in a huge group to a song called, “In our reflections”. Well the news is in…we are officially on YouTube for you to watch. If you are not careful you will blink and miss us…so there are a couple of photos below (with some helpful arrows) and then a link so that you can watch the whole thing with hundreds of other children involved too. You do have to look really carefully but we are in there!

This week year 3 had a special PE lesson from Natalie at Real PE. She showed us some really fun ways of improving our, fitness, accuracy, movement, resilience and team work! We had a lot of fun and there are quite a few action shots of us giving 100%!

We look forward to having more fun with Real PE during the rest of the year!

The children are really enjoying taking part in Active Maths each week! This week they loved playing the games ‘Human Abacus’ and ‘Crocs’ to help them learn how to compare and order numbers up to 1000!

Here are our amazing pencil drawings of the Iron Man! The children loved this art lesson and were so proud of their work! They were inspired by watching the illustrator Chris Mould.

We had THE most awesome day on Wednesday last week. We had a Speed Stacking Day in school and we had to try as hard as we could to get better and beat the clock. The aim is to stack plastic cups in certain ways and work as a team (or individually) to try and do it as fast as possible. It tested our communication skills, our co-ordination, our fitness, our ability to work together as a team and our fine-motor skills. It was really good fun and we were so glad that we could have an expert in to show us what to do. A great day all round!

In year three we have been working really hard learning the ukulele. It can be really tricky, but each week we get that little bit better… even though our fingers hurt sometimes! We have taken part (along with other schools) in the Severn Arts online Make Music Day and these photos are us during the recording of our song. The music has been written by David Cowell and other schools have also filmed themselves playing a wide variety of other instruments and it will all be put together for a performance. We should see the finished result on 21st June, so watch this space.

On Tuesday 4th May six year 3 and six year 4 children went on their first ever Athletics tournament. They were very excited about going to another school and getting to ride on the minibus! They had no idea what to expect, but they put their best foot forward and tackled the challenge with everything they had got. Some events they had never even heard of before but with their growth mind-set they gave everything a good go! They had the most wonderful time and were an asset to our school and a credit to themselves. Their behaviour was impeccable and we won a wide variety of events. Not a bad days work for our budding athletes! We cannot wait for the next event now!

In literacy the children are really enjoying reading ‘The Iron Man’ By Ted Hughes. Mrs Caine read an e mail from WPC Hall explaining that someone had been stealing metal from tips, scrapyards and peoples’ gardens in Pershore! The children listened to a Witness Statement. Then they used the information to draw an e-fit and write a help sheet to help WPC Hall find the culprit!!!

Today in Year 3 we launched our new topic – Robots! We were lucky enough to have a real life ‘robot’ come in and say hello! We thought about what we wanted to ask it first and then our questions came to life. We are all really excited about this topic and creating our own robotic design!

This week in maths we are working really hard learning all about fractions. We really like to relate it to FOOD as that makes it way more fun! We have been sorting out matching objects to the fractions and have made a brilliant start! More to come next week.

At the end of last term we had a ‘Roman Day’ in Year 3 to learn as much as we could in a day. It went really well and we even had our very own battle with Mrs Hall playing Julius Caesar fabulously! We also realised there is SO much we need to know about the Romans that we plan to have another day, so watch this space! It was ace!

Chloe is yet another child from Foxes class that has produced a really heart-felt poem, full of emotive language and some rhyme! A great effort Chloe, well done!

This is a fabulous poem by Ted in year 3. He has really tried hard to include key events from ‘The Journey’ as well as key poetic devices to make his work the best that it can be! Well done Ted!

Here is Roland’s poem from the English unit, ‘The Journey’. He worked really hard with his empathy and produced a fabulous poem all about having to leave. Well done Roland! Excellent effort!

Alice has worked really hard on her poem inspired but the book, ‘The Journey’. She has identified key poetic devices in her own writing. Excellent effort and emotive language Alice!

We really enjoyed ‘Chinese New Year’ Fun Friday!  Bianka showed great resilience making this tricky paper craft Chinese dragon. Well done Bianka! We also had fun in school cooking a Chinese stir fry and eating it with chop sticks! 

Roland has been working hard with his maths and came up with a great idea. He used skittles to help him to learn how to divide! We hope he shared them out with his family after!! 🙂

Lola and Harrison smashing the PE activities this week…who needs eggs when you have oranges?! 😁

Ted and his topic work! He is having a great time working on the extra curricular activities.

Not only has Phoenix been working really hard with his English and maths, he has also been baking with his family! You can see from the picture that he is a pretty brilliant baker! Next stop, The Great British Bake Off! Well done Pheonix!

Chloe has been working really hard on all areas of her home learning. She answered her comprehension questions on ‘The Journey’ with brilliant inference and thought. She has also drawn a great ‘earth’s crust’ which she did with her sister, getting the whole family involved. Brilliant work Chloe!

Here are some pictures of the fossil work that Ronnie-May in Year 3 has been doing at home! She spent a long time doing this and we think it looks fabulous! She has also made a brilliant, brightly-coloured dream catcher! Excellent work!

Look at Connie’s amazing dream catcher!


We kick off Year 3 with our topic “Yabba Dabba Doo”! We’re heading back to the Stone Age and finding out how daily life changed during that time.

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