Year 3 – Foxes

Our Amazing Work!

Chloe is yet another child from Foxes class that has produced a really heart-felt poem, full of emotive language and some rhyme! A great effort Chloe, well done!

This is a fabulous poem by Ted in year 3. He has really tried hard to include key events from ‘The Journey’ as well as key poetic devices to make his work the best that it can be! Well done Ted!

Here is Roland’s poem from the English unit, ‘The Journey’. He worked really hard with his empathy and produced a fabulous poem all about having to leave. Well done Roland! Excellent effort!

Alice has worked really hard on her poem inspired but the book, ‘The Journey’. She has identified key poetic devices in her own writing. Excellent effort and emotive language Alice!

We really enjoyed ‘Chinese New Year’ Fun Friday!  Bianka showed great resilience making this tricky paper craft Chinese dragon. Well done Bianka! We also had fun in school cooking a Chinese stir fry and eating it with chop sticks! 

Roland has been working hard with his maths and came up with a great idea. He used skittles to help him to learn how to divide! We hope he shared them out with his family after!! 🙂

Lola and Harrison smashing the PE activities this week…who needs eggs when you have oranges?! 😁

Ted and his topic work! He is having a great time working on the extra curricular activities.

Not only has Phoenix been working really hard with his English and maths, he has also been baking with his family! You can see from the picture that he is a pretty brilliant baker! Next stop, The Great British Bake Off! Well done Pheonix!

Chloe has been working really hard on all areas of her home learning. She answered her comprehension questions on ‘The Journey’ with brilliant inference and thought. She has also drawn a great ‘earth’s crust’ which she did with her sister, getting the whole family involved. Brilliant work Chloe!

Here are some pictures of the fossil work that Ronnie-May in Year 3 has been doing at home! She spent a long time doing this and we think it looks fabulous! She has also made a brilliant, brightly-coloured dream catcher! Excellent work!

Look at Connie’s amazing dream catcher!


We kick off Year 3 with our topic “Yabba Dabba Doo”! We’re heading back to the Stone Age and finding out how daily life changed during that time.

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