Year 4 – Badgers

Our Amazing Work!

We had a great time bell-boating this week. We only ended up in the rushes a couple of times! We had to work as part of a team to get our boats going and to make sure they went in the right direction. We like to say thank you to the parents who came to help and to John who organised the morning for us.

We have just started our new theme -Playlist. We are going to be looking at sound and creating music over the next few weeks.

We started by thinking about how we hear and we looked at the pattern of sound waves when we recorded our names. We decided to turn this into art! I wonder if anyone can work out whose names are shown here?

Year 4 really enjoyed the Speed Stacking that we did on Wednesday! It really tested our co-ordination, our memories and our running skills! Some of us found this very challenging but we didn’t give up – we carried on practising and worked on improving our skills.

We’ve been looking at digestion this week. We simulated what happens to food when it reaches our stomach and then what happens beyond that! We put banana and crackers into a bag that represented our stomach then added water (for saliva) and orange juice (for acid) then squashed them together! Some of us enjoyed that more than others! Then we poured the mixture into some tights (to represent the intestines) and squeezed out the liquid (showing how the nutrients leave the food and enter our bodies) before we were left with the solid waste – the stools. Then we had to squeeze that through a hole to show what happens when you go the toilet! The whole process was very messy but it did help us to remember what happens to the food we

This week, we’ve started to think about the digestive system and what happens to the food we eat. First, we each had a go at drawing what we thought was in our digestive system. We had some different ideas!

We had a look at some information about this and started to learn some of the names of parts of the body (inside and out!) that help us eat and digest our food then worked in groups to draw how this looked. Do you think we got it right?


Some of the children also went to an athletics competition at a local school. They were amazing! They had a great attitude and tried different events. They are a credit to our school!

As part of our topic, we’re thinking about teeth and what makes them decay. We’re carrying out an experiment to find out what effect some liquids have on teeth. Some of us think that sugary drinks will cause more decay and some people think it’s the fizzy bubbles that cause the damage. We don’t have any real teeth to test so we’re using eggs instead. We’re soaking eggs in still water, sparkling water, tea, milk, apple juice, orange juice and cola then checking them everyday to see what happens. We’ll let you know when we find out!

Year 4 have just started our new topic – Where does our food go? (Otherwise known as Chews and Poos!).

We started by doing some sketching of different fruits with pencils and charcoal. Luckily, the weather has been great this week so we were able to sketch in the sunshine!

In our science, we’ve been continuing to work with electricity. This week, we’ve been putting switches into our circuits – it was a bit fiddly!


In our PE lesson, we are working on mirroring with a partner. We have to work closely together to create a sequence of movements which mirror each other. It’s a bit trickier when you try it on the apparatus!

We have been learning about the rainforest. In art this week, we looked at a painting called “Surprised” which was painted by Henri Rousseau and used this as an inspiration for our own imaginary rainforest pictures. We looked at different plants that grow in the rainforest and tried to incorporate some of them in our pictures. Haven’t we made a good start?

We have just started to find out about electricity. We’ve been finding out how we get electricity and what appliances use electricity. Today, we had to light up bulbs by ourselves! What a challenge! It took some of us quite a while to figure this out but we all got there in the end!

Year 4 have enjoyed coming to school dressed as their favourite book character for World Book Day – can you guess who we are?

We’ve been reading a book called, “Journey” as part of our literacy work. As we approached the end of the book, we were challenged to create a spread for the book, showing a possible ending. Look at Jessica’s wonderful work!

As part of our Journeys to the Americas topic, we were looking at Mardi Gras and carnival celebrations in Brazil. Julianna and Lily have made masks that they would wear to the carnival! Did you know that in some Mardi Gras celebrations, it is illegal NOT to wear a mask on a float?

Here’s a piece of writing from Anya – she’s done a really good job of explaining how someone might feel when they have to flee their country.

These pictures show some of the lovely art work Freya has done at home.

Some great writing by Rory this week!

What a great dream catcher!

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