Year 4 – Badgers

Our Amazing Work!

Linked to our topic ‘Terrible Tudors’ Year 4 have been looking at portraits in art. Ruby drew the other half of this portrait of King Henry VIII.

For art day, Year 4 ‘Badgers’ completed a collage of a badger in the style of the artist Megan Coyle.

Naomi wrote an excellent play script based on the story ‘The Great Kapok Tree’

On January 12th we went to young voices at Resort World in Birmingham and it is safe to say that it was absolutely AMAZING! We spent the day rehearsing with all the other children (over 6,500 of them!) so that our songs were perfect for our performance at 7pm. Once it got to 6pm we frantically started searching for our parents as they began to fill the arena! They had front row seats so that was amazing too and they were quite easy to spot with a huge banner and light up gloves! Once the concert began we smiled the entire time and sang our hearts out. If you have never been, make sure you sign up next year as it’s an unforgettable experience.

Year 4 completed a ‘Bush Tucker Trial’ as part of their new topic ‘I’m a Year 4! Get me out of here.’ As you can see from their faces, there were all sorts of creepy crawlies hidden in the boxes.

Year 4 enjoyed an art day at the end of term where they created a Christmas landscape print.

This term Year 4 have been learning to play the recorder in their music lessons.

Year 4 played really well and won their most recent game against another local school.

Well done to the team!   4-1 to Abbey Park

Year 4 had a visit from James Martin, the Baptist Minister at Pershore Baptist Church. He discussed his role and ended with a fun singalong.

Year 4 celebrated Diwali with a dance workshop. They thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the dance and learning more about the ‘Festival of Light’.

Year 4 wrote a class Kenning based around their class reader ‘How to Train a Dragon.’ Can you guess which dragon from the book this kenning is describing?

Year 4 were Anglo-Saxons for the day at Bishops Wood. They learnt skills such as brooch making, spinning wool and clay pot making, which the Anglo-Saxons used to do. The highlight of the day was shelter building in the woods and of course fire making. The trip really brought this historic era to life, which they have been studying in class.

We have been continuing our work on dragons. This is a piece of writing by Jack.

Year 4 went to check on their dragon egg and to their surprise the egg had hatched! The school cameras captured a large beast flying around the classroom. Year 4 now need to think of ways to trap and capture the dragon before it does any harm.

Year 4 received a parcel and using their inference skills, they had to guess what was in it. To their surprise, there was a dragon egg and a letter from a Viking asking them to look after the 1000 year old egg.


We have been making string telephones to show how sound waves travel.

This week we have been continuing our work on sound by experimenting with pitch.

We have been making Stone Age weapons.

This week, year 4 have been busy making poo! We have spent a couple of lessons learning all about the digestive system and decided we needed to see it in action.

This week, Year 4 have been learning about the different types of teeth.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! We’ve been practising our song for the Mother’s Day assembly and showed this to the parents on Thursday. Didn’t everyone do an amazing job?

We’ve also been preparing a little treat for our mums, ready for Sunday morning. We’ve spent some time making cards for our mums and thinking about all the things they do for us. We hope they enjoy reading their cards this weekend!

We really enjoy doing active maths lessons. This week, we’ve been learning about different written methods for multiplication. We played Multiplication Trail – we had to work out multiplication calculations then find the card which showed the answers to these and also had the next calculation. If all went well, we would end up with the first calculation we did. It was great to see the children trying different written methods.

Year 4 had a brilliant time visiting the Middle School science lab as part of Science Week.

The Year 7 pupils had set up lots of different activities for us to try and they also explained why some things in the activities happened. We loved trying out the various tasks – the ones with the different coloured flames and the balloon experiment were especially popular!

Thank you for being such brilliant hosts and demonstrators, Year 7, and thank you to Mrs Griffiths for inviting us to spend this time with you.

We had a fabulous time on World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite book characters and spent the day doing lots of lovely activities based around books and reading. Have a look at our wonderful costumes.

Year 4 are putting their knowledge of electricity and circuits to the test! We’ve been busy designing torches and now we’re trying to assemble these. We’re having a few teething problems but we’re going to persevere!

We’re continuing to explore electricity. This week, we’ve been thinking about conductors and insulators. Electrical conductors let electricity pass through them easily. Electrical insulators do not let electricity pass through them.

We tested a variety of materials to work out if they were conductors or insulators. We had to remember how to create a complete circuit with a battery (cell), wires and a bulb before putting some other objects like a wooden spoon, a paper clip, a plastic straw, some tin foil and a square of paper into the circuit. Can you guess which ones were conductors and allowed the electricity to pass through them?

We’ve been looking at leaves (because we’re thinking about trees in the rainforest). We started by looking carefully at a leaf then we carefully sketched it, using a variety of sketching pencils to help us add detail and shading.

Now we are trying to use oil pastels and coloured pencils to recreate the colour of the leaves. This is quite tricky! We’re having to experiment with mixing different colours together until we get the right one!

Year 4 have just started to explore electricity. Today we had to try to light a bulb – it was quite a challenge!

However, some of us were very successful!

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