Year 5

Our Amazing Work!

The Middle School celebrated National Poetry Day with a visit from Worcestershire’s former Poet Laureate, Leena Batchelor. The children enjoyed Leena’s performance and participated in poetry workshops, creating their own poems around the theme of ‘choice.’

Year 5 enjoyed a healthy eating morning, where they designed and made their own fruit kebabs.

In forest school, Year 5 created angles, which linked to their learning in maths.

Year 5 have been learning about the gruesome process of mummification and mummified a tomato! They used a similar process to Egyptian mummification by scooping out the insides, using Natron and bandages.

On a hot summers day, Year 5 complete a scavenger hunt around the school, which was all about Ancient Egypt. The children had to solve clues and translate the hieroglyphics., which tested their knowledge about this ancient civilisation.

In computing Year 5 have been planning, videoing and editing their own films. They are looking forward to evaluating them next week.

In French, Year 5 have been writing their own weather reports and got the opportunity to film themselves in the role of a weather reporter.

Linked to our Egyptian topic, Year 5 have designed headdresses and thought carefully about the colours and what they symbolised.

As I wandered through the empty roads of Egypt, the minuscule grinds of sand jammed between my toes. The vivid sun, stood proud behind me as I overlooked the vast, chilled Mediterranean Sea. As I walked further, a museum of pyramids stood in front of my glistening eyes. The majestic artefacts were a human shield blocking the sun from my face.

Some fantastic writing by Olivia T

This week Year 5 have been investigating reversible and irreversible changes. In one of the investigations they added bicarbonate soda to vinegar, which caused a chemical reaction – meaning an irreversible change had occurred.

A mysterious canopic jar was found in the Year 5 classrooms and legend has it a curse will fall upon abbey Park Middle School. No sooner had the day began, strange things started happening from clocks telling the wrong time to signs being upside down.

Year 5 have designed and created tiles out of clay. They used Mayan pictures and patterns as inspiration.

Year 5 have been learning about the different parts in a computer and this week they have built their own. They tested them and luckily they worked!

In science this week, Year 5 have recycled old paper  and turned it  into special paper, adding lots of sequins and flower petals.  We had to put the old paper through quite a few processes to make our special paper.  The results were amazing.



Best twist and turn

For their Helter Skelter: AM and KM:

Best start 

For the wind-up Turkey Toy nudging the dominoes over…MW

Longest continuous run with no breaks…SL

Best craftsmanship

For making the entire marble run out of paper! JJ

Best design, best creativity , best originality and for outstanding innovation! 

For all the incredibly intricate components and a great finale…the winner is…

…the person who designed THE ERUPTATRON!….AW

Year 5 enjoyed a Mayan morning: making and drinking traditional hot chocolate, playing a Mayan sport and learning this ancient civilisation’s number system.

Year 5 have started our topic ‘Chocolate’ by looking at Mayan art. They found different examples of Mayan art and started sketching some of their favourite designs.

Year 5 have now finished reading Shackleton’s Journey and based on what they read, completed these fantastic illustrations.

Linked to Year 5’s topic ‘Explorers and Adventurers’ the children have been studying Shackleton’s Journey. At home they designed and made some fantastic igloos and some children even attempted to make Endurance , Shackleton’s ship. Year 5 then used their English skills and wrote a set of instructions, informing people how to build their model.

Inspired by the cling film art around Pershore, our KS2 Rainbow Club decided to paint some of their own!

Welcome to our new children in Year 5. We have a fantastic term planned starting with our topic ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’. We will be looking at all aspects of water including; rivers, coasts, the Malvern Water Cure and the Pershore Wetlands. Linked to our topic, we will be reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, which will involve writing a survival guide.

We look forward to welcoming to Abbey Park Middle School.

Miss Hirst and Miss Stavert

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