Year 5

Our Amazing Work!

Raffi and Indie

Raffi is 2 years old and indie will be 3 in April. Raffi was adopted from dog’s trust and indie was picked up from Yorkshire (when she was 8 weeks old.) Raffi and indies owner is called miss Scully she’s a head teacher at Abbey Park middle school Pershore. Raffi is a red cockapoo and indie is an apricot cockapoo they come to school every day. They love going on walks with the students something that the dogs hate is men? They always bark at unfamiliar men and Raffi hates boxes. Raffi always asks for fuss and indie always watches but she always does want fuss they are very cute. They are trained in emotional support helping kids like me when I’m angry. Raffi and Indie are the best they also have a sister who’s way too big to be in school her name in Tess she’s a black Labrador. I’ve never met her but I’ve seen pictures she’s cute.

By MP, Year 5 Pupil

World Book Day 2023

This year at Abbey Park Middle School we were blown away by the enthusiasm for World Book Day. We had many children (and staff) looking fabulous in their costumes and the passion for reading really shone through. The children took part in many different activities throughout the day including; drop it and read, listening to stories, listening to music and many art and craft tasks.

Thank you to all who got involved – a truly fantastic day!

Today in D&T, Year 5 have started to make their motorised vehicles. To begin with they made a circuit to ensure their motors worked. Next, they began to measure, saw and glue together the frame of their vehicle.

We are looking forward to seeing and testing the completed versions.

On January 12th we went to young voices at Resort World in Birmingham and it is safe to say that it was absolutely AMAZING! We spent the day rehearsing with all the other children (over 6,500 of them!) so that our songs were perfect for our performance at 7pm. Once it got to 6pm we frantically started searching for our parents as they began to fill the arena! They had front row seats so that was amazing too and they were quite easy to spot with a huge banner and light up gloves! Once the concert began we smiled the entire time and sang our hearts out. If you have never been, make sure you sign up next year as it’s an unforgettable experience.

Year 5 have been working with Tim Brown on counter tension and counter balances.

We are very proud of their wonderful attitude, hard work and team work in creating some amazing balances, seen in the photos.

In our year 5 art lessons we have been working on different techniques used for shading, creating tone and texture.

We recently used our new skills to sketch some of William Grill’s illustrations which he used in ‘Shackleton’s Journey’.


On Friday 17th June, the science CREST awards club were lucky enough to be given some free tickets to the Three Counties Show. We had an amazing day at the show. We took part in a workshop to plant a Moth Orchid.

The children took part in an animal bandaging workshop hosted by Hartpury College.


We had ice creams and watched the show jumping.

We saw a lot of animals!

We had a very interesting alpaca talk.

We loved meeting the baby shire horse!

Oliver (Year 6) and Tia-Amelia (Year 5) are the proud winners of the Design a French Chocolate Bar competition.  They’ve each won a chocolate bar for their efforts. Well done to both of them!

The week after half term upper KS2 were given the chance to experience ‘The Great Outdoors’ as part of a residential visit to Bell Heath. The children had a fantastic time and were able to experience a wide variety of adventurous activities including: bushcraft, archery, grass sledging, problem solving, high ropes, zip line and many more.

On the visit pupils were able to experience sleeping in bell tents and sleeping away from home – some for the very first time.

The experience was fantastic and the children were great – the memories will last a lifetime!

Pupils from Year 5, 6 and 7 chair drumming as part of wellbeing day.

Today, Miss Johns taught Saturn class about the life cycle of an amphibian, and we were delighted to meet ‘Dumpling’, her white tree frog!

As part of the Year 5 RE curriculum, Year 5 visited three different places of worship: a Mosque, Mandir and Gudwara. The children learnt about the different buildings and the similarities and differences between them. The Year 5 teachers were very proud of all the children, in how respectful they were towards the different religions.

Abbey Park Middle School celebrated National Numeracy Day by completing a range of mathematical activities. There was a maths trail around the school grounds, problem solving activities, competitions and even a Times Tables Rock Stars tournament. Michael in Year 6 was our TTRS champion! The theme around the day was how maths is used in everyday life and in future careers. We were fortunate to have a National Numeracy Day ambassador tell us all about their job and how maths helps them.

In computing we have started doing some coding by programming a sequence of instructions into the ProBots to make them navigate between different places on a grid.

Last week was British Science Week and our amazing Y7 pupils hosted visiting classes. Y7s were trained to demonstrate scientific investigations which they taught to Y6,5,4 and 3 pupils! Y7 had a lot of fun doing this and I am VERY proud of how well they presented and explained their experiments, how well they kept everyone safe and how well they took responsibility for the organisation, setting up and packing away of their kit.  Y7 you were AWESOME!!!

Mrs Griffiths

Y5 investigated different solvents. Nail varnish remover was the best solvent and water was the worst.

Mrs Griffiths

Year 5 have started their new topic ‘Chocolate’ this week and to get the children excited about their new topic, they tasted different types of chocolate and chose their favourite, which they represented in a pictogram.

Year 5 have been in our purpose built design technology room this week, constructing vehicles. They have learnt to use a saw and glue gun safely to create their designs.

As part of our topic ‘Explorers and Adventurers’ Year 5 have been studying Amelia Earhart. The children made wooden aeroplanes and discussed the strengths and traits she would have needed being a female pilot in the 1930s.

This week our ‘Science Superstars’ made CHEESE!

They have been carrying out a series of science challenges every Friday lunchtime, to achieve their science CREST awards. Well done team!

Mrs Griffiths.

This week in science Y5 have been investigating the properties of materials. They made an electrical circuit and tested whether materials could conduct electricity or not. If the material conducted electricity, the light bulb lit up!

We have launched Times Tables Rock Stars in the Middle School, which is an online platform designed to support children with their times tables. Children and staff dressed up as rock stars for the day and took part in times tables activities.

Y5 have been investigating a force called water resistance. They found out which shape of plasticine moved through water more quickly or slowly. They could then link these ideas to how boats are designed.

Mrs Griffiths

Year 5 have had a fantastic 6 weeks of learning tag rugby with Caity (the captain of the warriors) and they were thrilled to be invited to mascot their game against Bristol on Saturday.

The Middle School celebrated National Poetry Day with a visit from Worcestershire’s former Poet Laureate, Leena Batchelor. The children enjoyed Leena’s performance and participated in poetry workshops, creating their own poems around the theme of ‘choice.’

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