Year 6

Our Amazing Work!

Welcome Back Year 6! Mr Martin and Mrs Deakin have really enjoyed their first week of working with you and look forward to the year ahead!

Hello, Year 6 and welcome back!

In science this year we will be learning about Animals, Light, Electricity, Magnets, Living things and Evolution.  You will be developing your practical skills and carrying out lots of fun scientific investigations! We will also be taking our learning outdoors and learning about the some of the animals and plants around us. I am really looking forward to teaching you all again this year! Mrs Griffiths.


Year 6 made an obstacle course in PE and had a race. It was great fun!

We have been learning about traditional French food in class. Sofia was inspired to make ratatouille at home, she said she enjoyed making it and it tasted very nice!

In Year 6 Geography we have been studying Ordinance Survey maps to learn about keys, scale and our local area.

As part of our Year 6 ‘Driving to be Green’ topic we were joined by Cllr Alex Sinton, chairman of Wychavon District Council, who gave us a talk on environmental issues and sustainability. As part of the talk he also introduced us to an online game based around recycling called ‘Sort it Out’.

World Book Day 2023

This year at Abbey Park Middle School we were blown away by the enthusiasm for World Book Day. We had many children (and staff) looking fabulous in their costumes and the passion for reading really shone through. The children took part in many different activities throughout the day including; drop it and read, listening to stories, listening to music and many art and craft tasks.

Thank you to all who got involved – a truly fantastic day!

As part of our ‘Savage Earth’ topic we have been looking at volcanoes. In DT we thought it would be fun to make some volcanoes and watch them erupt, it was great!

On January 12th we went to young voices at Resort World in Birmingham and it is safe to say that it was absolutely AMAZING! We spent the day rehearsing with all the other children (over 6,500 of them!) so that our songs were perfect for our performance at 7pm. Once it got to 6pm we frantically started searching for our parents as they began to fill the arena! They had front row seats so that was amazing too and they were quite easy to spot with a huge banner and light up gloves! Once the concert began we smiled the entire time and sang our hearts out. If you have never been, make sure you sign up next year as it’s an unforgettable experience.

In Year 6 PE we have been working on gymnastic balances, counter balances and movements. This week we put everything we have learnt into practice while travelling over a range of apparatus!

In Year 6 DT we have been making kites. They are great fun to fly!

Today Year 6 were joined by Twig and Scram, who came to teach us all about the Stone Age. We were shown how to make fire, how to keep warm, make weapons and gut a fish. It was really cool!

Year 6 have been studying Beowulf in their English lessons and have thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in the myth.

We have explored the difficult language in the story as well as using kennings, semi-colons and multi-clause sentences to improve our own writing about Beowulf and Grendel.

We have also been using our drama skills to empathise with the main characters – can you guess our emotions?

Year 6 have been working on their balances in PE this week. We took part in a number of different balance challenges including stilt walking, catching on a bench and standing on one leg. Balance is a really important part of physical activity and used in many sports.

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