Year 6

Our Amazing Work!

This term Y6 have been learning all about what a heathy balanced diet is. They have been testing food in the laboratory to find out which nutrients are found in different foods. They worked safely using chemicals, made observations, recorded their data and concluded which foods were a rich source of carbohydrate, protein or fat. In these photos, foods rich in carbohydrate turned brown Iodine solution a black colour.

Mrs Griffiths

Year 6 had a great afternoon competing in the interhouse cross country on Wednesday afternoon. Although some found it tough, all pupils completed the course with Ben winning the boys’ race and Rhianna winning the girls’!

This week Y6 have been learning about the circulatory system. We went outside and drew a large heart on the playground. Then the children modelled the path that a red blood cell takes through the heart and around the body. The red blood cells collect oxygen from the lungs, deliver the oxygen to the body cells and take carbon dioxide gas to the lungs to be exhaled.

Several students graduated ‘heart school’ by naming the four chambers of the heart, reciting the path the red blood cells take and demonstrating their new knowledge to their peers, which was amazing! Well done Y6!

Mrs Griffiths

Y6 have been learning the parts of the digestive system and have been modelling how each organ works, in a lesson called ‘The Digestion of Digestive Biscuits’. We had a lot of fun with this practical!
Mrs Griffiths

Y6 have been learning about digestion, this fantastic animation was completed for homework entitled  ‘The Journey of a Piece of Cake’.
Mrs Griffiths

Year 6 have been learning about the Electronic Era in music. It was most popular in the 1980’s and inspired by the creation of the musical keyboard.

We listened to Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene IV’, looked at how the piece was put together and used this as a basis for our own compositions.

This is one group performing their compositions including a bass melody, 2 main themes and sound effects throughout.

Year 6 have designed a chocolate bars and sweets and labelled it in French – here are some of our winners.

This week Year 6 enjoyed a french breakfast!

In our Year 6 Passport to the World topic we have been learning about life in Africa. As part of this we set up a meeting with Mr Martin’s friend Preston Mulenga who runs a school in Ndola, Zambia. We were able to have a look around his school and ask him questions about life in Africa.

In art we were able to write our names in graffiti. Don’t they look cool?!

In computing lessons Year 6 have been building their very own websites. This has involved designing a homepage, downloading images and adding links. It looks like we might have some future web designers in our midst!

Year 6 have enjoyed using and applying their scale factor knowledge in our Active Maths sessions, a fantastic way to bring Maths to life!

Year 6 have had the OS maps out again this week, this time looking at 4-figure and 6-figure grid references. We found the school, the Abbey and even some of our houses!

This week Sarah from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) came in as part of our Y6 ‘Driving to be Green’ topic to design auto homes of the future with each class. The children were challenged to make a sustainable, eco-friendly, inclusive home using KNex as a building tool. The children had a great time and really impressed Sarah with their ideas, enthusiasm and application. Our winning design was by Molly and Nikola in Neptune class (in the video) and they will go on to represent APMS at the Worcestershire STEM challenge.

In our Y6 topic lessons we have been learning all about our environment and the significant impact transport, industry and man-made waste has on the world we live in. On Thursday we held a ‘Driving to be Green’ day in school, to highlight some of these issues and to think about what we can do to create a much greener planet.

As part of the day Karen Blanchfield came into school on behalf of the ‘Litter Warriors’ initiative, which is backed by Wychavon Council. Karen ran a workshop teaching the pupils about all of the issues caused by litter, including; plastic pollution in the ocean, the threat to wildlife and health issues for humans. Each Y6 class were then taken litter picking in Abbey Park where they were set a range of challenges relating to the litter they could find, one child (Tom) even found a crisp packet dating back to 1981!

Another issue we focused on for the day was the amount of CO2 in the air that we breathe and how deforestation is affecting the planets ability to turn this CO2 into clean healthy oxygen. We were fortunate enough to be contacted by John and Mark from ‘Oven Wizards’ who sponsored us to plant 30 trees in our school grounds. We believe that these first steps will help in the battle against carbon emissions and make a more sustainable, greener environment to live in.

A fantastic time was had by pupils and staff, and hopefully the day will have a lasting impression in our ‘Drive to be Green’!

In D&T we have been ‘up-cycling’ some of our old unwanted clothes and giving them a new life as decorative bunting!

Year 6 have been investigating the birth of steam trains and how trains have evolved over the years. Using their OS map skills, they have been analysing the impact of railways on our local environment.



Best twist and turn

For their Helter Skelter: AM and KM:

Best start 

For the wind-up Turkey Toy nudging the dominoes over…MW

Longest continuous run with no breaks…SL

Best craftsmanship

For making the entire marble run out of paper! JJ

Best design, best creativity , best originality and for outstanding innovation! 

For all the incredibly intricate components and a great finale…the winner is…

…the person who designed THE ERUPTATRON!….AW

This week Year 6 have started their new topic of ‘Driving to be Green’. Here are some examples of Mars’ title pages.

Look at this fantastic tornado artwork by Skyla in Neptune class!

The Year 6 pupils who have been in school throughout Lockdown have been staying fit and healthy by playing; football, basketball, 4-square, hockey, tennis, table tennis, running the daily mile and even building their very own obstacle course!

Year 6 have been making portraits as part of the Great British Art Exhibition!

Theo in Mars class has made an amazing erupting volcano!

Over the past three weeks pupils have been making their own volcanoes as part of our Savage Earth topic. On the final day the pupils in school mixed warm water, red paint, baking soda and vinegar to make them erupt. This was the outcome!

These are some art compositions in the style of Picasso. We think they are ace!

Here are some examples of the work Y6 pupils have been doing at home this week. Our current topic is Savage Earth, so Y6 have been focusing on natural disasters around the world, some of the PPT’s made about volcanoes and earthquakes have blown us away! In English the children have been using poetic devices to write poems about a range of natural disasters.

Inspired by the cling film art around Pershore, our KS2 Rainbow Club decided to paint some of their own!


Welcome back Year 6!

We hope you have enjoyed a fantastic extended summer holiday and you are feeling ready to return tomorrow. We do understand that some of you may have mixed feelings about returning to school, but we promise we will go through all of the changes with you on Thursday morning.

We are really excited about the new term and the lessons we will be teaching you especially our topic ‘Groovy Greeks’.

See you all soon!

Miss Thompson, Mrs Deakin & Mr Martin

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