Year 7

This Week

During half term:


Y7 pupils kept themselves busy with optional enrichment sessions:


Ready, Steady Bake!  Y7’s made cookies, chocolate brownies, pancakes and joined in with a ‘Fruity Flapjacks’ a bake-a-long session with Mrs Griffiths


Arts and Crafts: Y7’s made sure they spent some time outdoors getting lots of fresh air and drawing wildlife, painting pebbles, writing poetry or getting creative with digital art.

ART: Y7 pupils have been continuing with their Pop Art topic and combined their new skills of producing foil art and their knowledge of Roy Lichenstein’s Pop Art to produce these wonderful cartoon captions.

In Year 7 music we have been learning about reggae music and Bob Marley. Here is some of our artwork.

Y7 have been learning about Andy Warhol and his style of 1960’s Pop Art.

They have made some art either on their own or using digital technology, or a combination of both.

Today we celebrated Mardi Gras with our key worker group, learning the origins of Mardi Gras.  We had fun making Mardi Gras masks and eating crepes.   Charlie was the best pancake flipper!

Year 7 keyworker children enjoyed some Belgian waffles today as we have been looking at French speaking countries in our French lesson.  The children said they were delicieux. 🙂

Welcome Back




Year 7 Drama

We are very excited to have a stand alone drama lesson this year in Year 7! The aims of these lessons are to build confidence, study dramatic techniques and work collaboratively in pairs and groups.

Year 7 Poetry Slam
Our Year 7 girls were absolute stars and did themselves proud at the Worcestershire Schools Poetry Slam on the 8th May, 2019. Their performance, enthusiasm and conduct was a credit to Abbey Park and it was a pleasure watching them. Mrs Cotton.
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