Year 7

Our Amazing Work!

In Design & Technology, Year 7 have been making cushions. They had to use a combination of machine stitching and hand stitching.

7BC Boys:

7BC Girls:

7IT Boys:

7IT Girls:

Year 7 visited the Civic Centre in Pershore, home of Wychavon District Council, as part of their careers curriculum. They spent the afternoon sitting in the council chambers and found out about many of the different jobs undertaken there and what qualifications and experiences those people had. They even got a goody bag!

World Book Day 2023

This year at Abbey Park Middle School we were blown away by the enthusiasm for World Book Day. We had many children (and staff) looking fabulous in their costumes and the passion for reading really shone through. The children took part in many different activities throughout the day including; drop it and read, listening to stories, listening to music and many art and craft tasks.

Thank you to all who got involved – a truly fantastic day!

Year7 showing their pictures produced using oil pastels, of the Abbey, completed in the style of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Y7 have had great fun investigating the properties of ooblek, which they made using cornflour and water.

The Year 7’s have been investigating buildings, how to draw them and the work of the artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

They visited the Abbey this week to draw it and are going to then redraw it and colour their interpretation of the Abbey in his style.


On Friday 17th June, the science CREST awards club were lucky enough to be given some free tickets to the Three Counties Show. We had an amazing day at the show. We took part in a workshop to plant a Moth Orchid.

The children took part in an animal bandaging workshop hosted by Hartpury College.


We had ice creams and watched the show jumping.

We saw a lot of animals!

We had a very interesting alpaca talk.

We loved meeting the baby shire horse!

This week Y7 have been learning how to separate mixtures using chromatography. They found out that the ink in pens can be made of many ink colours mixed together. Water is a solvent for the ink and can be used to separate out the different ink colours using chromatography paper to make a chromatogram.

Y7 have been separating mixtures. Today they made chromatograms to separate out different ink colours.

Pupils from Year 5, 6 and 7 chair drumming as part of wellbeing day.

Y7 have been busy learning about separating mixtures. Today they combined all their practical skills to extract salt from rock salt, having designed a method and chosen the equipment themselves. Well done!

Abbey Park Middle School celebrated National Numeracy Day by completing a range of mathematical activities. There was a maths trail around the school grounds, problem solving activities, competitions and even a Times Tables Rock Stars tournament. Michael in Year 6 was our TTRS champion! The theme around the day was how maths is used in everyday life and in future careers. We were fortunate to have a National Numeracy Day ambassador tell us all about their job and how maths helps them.

This term we have been doing Parkour in our PE lessons.

Last week was British Science Week and our amazing Y7 pupils hosted visiting classes. Y7s were trained to demonstrate scientific investigations which they taught to Y6,5,4 and 3 pupils! Y7 had a lot of fun doing this and I am VERY proud of how well they presented and explained their experiments, how well they kept everyone safe and how well they took responsibility for the organisation, setting up and packing away of their kit. Y7 you were AWESOME!!!

Theo Dews in 7JP, lead part of our KS3 assembly this week. He taught us about Tang Soo Do and demonstrated some moves.

In art, year 7 pupils have been studying typography and the work of David Carson. Pupils created their own composition using their names.

This week our ‘Science Superstars’ made CHEESE!

They have been carrying out a series of science challenges every Friday lunchtime, to achieve their science CREST awards. Well done team!

Mrs Griffiths.

Y7 Have been making MAGIC happen! They were able to suspend a paperclip in a magnetic field and then test different materials to see which would cause the paperclip to fall. Only magnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, steel and cobalt can make this happen.

Mrs Griffiths.

Y7 have been investigating the force of air resistance with parachutes and helicopters! We assessed the risk of standing on tables and reduced the risk of slipping by wearing trainers ( with extra friction), clearing the tables and by carefully climbing down. Whilst on the tables we dropped parachutes and helicopters and varied either the length of the blades ( helicopters) or the size of the canopy ( parachutes) to see what effect this would have on the time it took the object to reach the ground.

Mrs Griffiths.

This week Y7 have been investigating the difference between mass and weight by using a newton meter to measure a known mass. We discovered that for every 1kg mass there was a force of 10N acting on it, called its weight. This force is due to gravity!

In music, Year 7 have been experimenting with Chrome Music Lab using the iPads.

The Year 7’s are learning about Blues Music and how to play the 12 bar blues chord structure.

They first played as part of the class one note on a chime bar, then worked in pairs to play the triads between them and finally they moved onto the keyboard to play the whole thing alone.

In Year 7 Games, we have started the spring term playing table tennis.

In Y7 science, we investigated the diffusion of particles and found out that particles diffuse ( move and spread out)  quicker when they are warm, because they have more kinetic (movement) energy. The conical flask on the left has hot water in and the one on the right has cold water in it. The purple colour is potassium permanganate which has dissolved in the water. The potassium permanganate diffuses faster in hot water.

Mrs Griffiths

Y7 had a fun day learning how to safely light a Bunsen burner, in order to be awarded their Bunsen burner licence!!

They then set light to magnesium metal! In the picture you will see them taking the safety precaution of not looking directly at the bright light. They were very brave!

Mrs Griffiths

In science Y7 have been ​investigating the three states of matter. They made Oobleck using cornflour and water , then described how the particles must be arranged for Oobleck to have the properties of a solid and a liquid!

Mrs Griffiths

Year 7 have been learning the names, scientific diagrams and functions of all the science equipment we use.

Year 7 have been learning how to measure using scientific equipment.

Year 7 have been learning about the structure of cells; they enjoyed making slides of onion cells using iodine as a stain. year 7 were able to see individual cells and some of the parts e.g.: the nucleus, cell wall and cytoplasm; they then made excellent biological drawings of the plant cells.

The pupils had the previous learned about music in gaming and then could chose to either research it, invent and game and describe the music or have a go at composing their own music for a game of their choice.

Alfie created his game music using Chrome Music Lab Song Maker, which you can try here:

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