Design & Technology

From their very earliest years, our children have been exploring the world around them and making things to fit into that world, creating simple designs that fulfill their own peculiar needs – responding to the world as they see and understand it.

Through their Design and Technology lessons our children are encouraged to recognise and explore the wants and needs of other people, to develop their own ideas about how these might be met and to make their own products to meet those needs.

In doing this, our children draw on their ever-increasing repertoire of skills and knowledge, which include:

  • developing design ideas – investigating and disassembling a range of familiar products to inform their ideas and generate creative thinking
  • planning how their own product can be made – producing detailed plans, selecting the appropriate tools, techniques, components and materials
  • communicating their design ideas – using models, annotated diagrams, labeled sketches and group presentations
  • producing effective products – assembling and combining materials appropriately, using tools and techniques accurately to ensure a high quality finish
  • evaluating the processes and finished products – reflecting on their product as it develops, making changes and carrying out tests, recognising how these processes can lead to improvements
  • working within clear Health and Safety guidelines – using the correct tools, machinery and processes safely and effectively
  • pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively – generating ideas and solving problems. These skills are brought to the fore in our Enterprise Projects.

The school is fortunate in having two well-equipped Design & Technology rooms that are able to support a wide and varied range of activities, including a totally refurbished and well equipped dedicated area for Food Technology. A comprehensive selection of hand tools is available to aid the children in achieving a high standard of finish in their work, as well as encouraging them to develop their own manual skills. We have basic machinery for working in materials such as wood and acrylics. Computers and CAD techniques are an important tool used by children in developing their designs and producing exciting graphic work. Computers are also used to introduce simple methods of control and programming.

A wide selection of materials is normally available and our children are encouraged to explore their various properties and decide whether they are suitable to use in their own designs.

Design and Technology lessons provide a wonderful forum for children to do what comes naturally – being inventive, making things, learning and, above all, having fun.

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