Admissions for our 2 and 3 year olds – Bumble Bees and Squirrels

We warmly welcome applications to join our settings for 2 and 3 year old children. Most children join us at the beginning of the school year in September. We are also able to offer places, subject to availability, throughout the year for children to join us at the beginning of each half term. Children in our Bumble Bees setting join us in the half term following their 2nd birthday. We will arrange an initial home visit prior to your child joining us so that we may introduce ourselves and get to know more about your child. Children joining our Squirrels Class either transition from Bumble Bees in the September following their 3rd birthday, or if they have not attended our Bumble Bees setting, may join us in the half term following their 3rd birthday. Again, we will visit you at home as part of our welcome and to learn more about your child.

To help children settle into their new environment we suggest children attend at least two sessions per week to begin. Sessions run during term time as follows:

Bumble Bees 2 year olds Mornings 9am-Noon Afternoons Noon – 3pm
Squirrels 3 year olds Mornings 8:40am – 11:40 am Afternoons 11:40am – 2:40pm

(Additional half hour bookable @ £2.50) 2:40-3:10pm

Applications for Bumble Bees and Squirrels are managed by the school. Families are invited to complete our online enquiry form or collect a paper form from our school office. We will then add you to our admissions list for the date you wish to start and will contact you further to discuss your needs.

Our admission process prioritises applications using the following criteria:

  1. Children who are considered to be LAC (Looked After Children)
  2. Children who have been in state care and are now adopted and live in catchment area.
  3. Children with a Statement of Special Needs/an Educational Health Care Plan where our setting is named as the main provider and the child is in catchment.
  4. Siblings of pupils attending Abbey Park Federation and living within the catchment are You can find your catchment area by searching here:
  5. Children living within the catchment area
  6. Children outside of the catchment area but with a current sibling connection at the time of admission.
  7. Children of staff working at Abbey Park.
  8. Children who live nearest to school by the shortest line of distance.

Your child’s place can be paid by:

  • Payment of fees
  • Access to 2 year old entitlement for eligible families
  • Access to 3 and 4 year old entitlement -15 hours universal or 30 hours (full time) extended offers.

Cost of sessions:

Bumble Bees 2year olds Morning session 9am-12 noon £15.30 Afternoon Session 12 noon – 3pm £15.30 Whole day 9am-3pm £30.60             –
Squirrels 3 year olds Morning session 8:40am – 11:40am £15.30 Afternoon Session 11:40am – 2:40pm £15.30 Whole Day 8:40am-2:40pm £30.60 Additional Half hour 2:40pm-3:10pm £2:50

To find out more about funding for your child’s place please click on the following links:

For 2 year old funding eligibility:

For 3 year old funding eligibility:

All 3 to 4-year-olds in England can get 570 hours of free early education or childcare per year. It’s usually taken as 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year. Working parents may be eligible for 30 hours nursery funding subject to criteria and for more information please contact the school office.

The date you can start claiming depends on your child’s birthday.

Child’s birthday   When you can claim
1 January to 31 March   The beginning of term on or after 1 April
1 April to 31 August   The beginning of term on or after 1 September
1 September to 31 December   The beginning of term on or after 1 January

You do not have to use the full entitlement if you don’t want to.
The 15 hours entitlement can be shared with another provider if you wish, but you cannot claim for more than 15 hours a week in total.

The entitlement stops once your child starts reception class in a state school

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