Owls – Our Reception Class for 4-5 year olds

Our Reception year is so important in each child’s development both academically, socially, emotionally and physically. We emphasise building children’s’ confidence as they progress through guided learning and child initiated play within a fabulous environment. Our focus continues within the prime areas but also includes Literacy and Mathematics as well as Understanding the World and Expressive Arts. Learning takes place both indoors and outdoors – we enjoy wonderful large spaces where we are able to respond to children’s fascinations and interests. Outdoor learning takes place weekly in our Forest School area too where children learn to take risks, problem solve and develop skills. We enrich children’s cultural experiences through activities such as woodwork, drama and cookery whilst encouraging visits from members of the wider community. We also love to enjoy educational trips to local attractions such as the library, park and Abbey and go further afield to storytelling festivals and exciting venues such as den building at Bishops Wood Centre, farm parks etc.

We appreciate that children learn at different rates and in different styles and support this by observing our children and planning our teaching to reflect this. Children are taught phonics on a daily basis and through observation and assessment will work in groups that are similar in ability to develop self-esteem and progression. Maths is taught through practical activities and can be accessed independently too within our ‘Carry On Our Learning’ time (COOL time).

Each week two children are chosen to be COOL time ambassadors, wearing high visibility jackets to be easily recognised. They help children to be responsible with our resources and encourage sharing, kindness and turn taking. These roles are highly valued by our children who love their sense of leadership and responsibility.

Reception children are incredible in acquiring the knowledge, understanding and independence required as they prepare to continue their education in Key Stage One.

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