Geography continues to become increasingly important as our world shrinks and peoples, cultures and the environment become more important in our lives. At Abbey Park Middle School, we aim to encourage pupils to appreciate their surroundings and develop an understanding of the dynamic world in which they live.

Opportunities to investigate the physical and human aspects of localities are an important aspect of our studies and, naturally, include fieldwork as well as a range of secondary sources, including pictures, books, photographs, videos, the Internet and computers.

Places provide a focus for our investigations and include Pershore and Malvern, as well as an overview of the United Kingdom. We also focus on the European countries within our Comenius project, as well as extending skills into a global perspective, including African countries, such as Zambia.

Pupils are encouraged to find out about their world via independent research, and by enjoying geographical studies and developing their interest, their geographical discoveries will enable them to form opinions and make crucial judgments about sustainability on planet Earth.

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