Healthy Lifestyles Workshop for Parents – 23.11.22

This was a great success! Thank you to all of our visitors that came in from the local community and to our parents that supported this event.

Parent feedback on this workshop…

“Great opportunity to learn about some local services and groups. Teachers and school staff have been so helpful. Thank you”

“Very helpful, absolutely loved it, speaking to people and I was pointed in the right direction for library and dental care”

“Dentist info particularly helpful”

“Everything was great, food was great, good freebies too”

“Great workshop, lots of information, thank you”

“Fantastic and very informative”

“Lovely morning, thank you so much, very helpful”

“Fab workshop, loved having a chat and great information given! Adam really enjoyed the food!”

“Amazing! Loved Jane and the dentist ladies. Great advice and tips”

“Fabulous workshop, lovely people, thanks”

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