We are aware that some children, and adults, approach this subject with apprehension, if not dread. This is unnecessary and at Abbey Park Middle School we strive to offer an environment where pupils of all abilities feel confident and successful.

All pupils are encouraged to learn basic number facts and tables, looking for patterns to aid them. These then help inform them when solving mathematical problems via the Numeracy Strategy and the Key Stage 3 Strategy.

Number concepts form a large part of the National Curriculum and are used when investigating all mathematical elements.

The teacher’s role is to provide your child with a wide range of practical and investigational experiences to facilitate the link between number and real life.

Children are encouraged to use a wide range of apparatus from centicubes to computers. We believe that calculators are important mathematical tools but mental arithmetic skills and a sound knowledge of multiplication tables are vital if calculators are to be used effectively.

Year 5 pupils will have a short settling period and will then be placed in ability groups with additional adult support when necessary. Work is regularly assessed to allow for individual progress, reinforcement, and transfer to another group if necessary. This system continues throughout the three years. The needs of all children are met in this way.

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