Music is accessible and enjoyable for all. Children especially enjoy musical composition because it allows them to express themselves, so that when they perform their pieces, they have achieved something original and individual.

In their one hour weekly music lesson, children work both individually and in groups: singing, playing, listening and appraising their own and others’ written pieces.

In addition, they will have the opportunity to join in instrumental groups and other extra-curricular activities and to perform in front of an audience both in school and in the Abbey. In assemblies, school productions and in projects with other schools, the children are encouraged to participate in making music.

Some children quickly show a special aptitude as instrumentalists and they are offered the opportunity to learn to play an orchestral instrument with tuition provided by peripatetic teachers. Parents will be requested to pay for these lessons, and for the hire of instruments, if applicable. At present, we offer lessons in the clarinet, saxophone, flute, violin, piano, guitar, drums and brass instruments.

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