Pershore Pyramid Consultation

Latest Update – July 2023

Dear parents/carers,

As you are aware there have been a number of changes to the schools in Pershore. Decisions were made to change the age range of some schools. These changes have had a significant impact on some schools, particularly the Middle Schools.

As a result of these changes, the Department for Education and the Local Authority are working closely with schools to review the current system in Pershore. This has resulted in this consultation. Please see the consultation document here [Word] (or PDF version).

It is really important that you share your views and respond to the consultation no later than Friday 26th November.

We are holding two consultation meetings on 19th October at 9am and 6pm to share the impact of the suggested options and to answer any questions (please try to attend one).

Main points:

  • Consultation opened on the 11th October and closes 26th November
  • Proposal to combine Abbey Park Schools Federation into one Primary School.
  • Option 1 – No Year 7 in Middle School from Sept 23.  Middle School would only have Year 6 in it and Year 5 would be part of the Abbey Park First School.
  • Option 2 – Middle School closes Sept 2023, Year 5 and Year 6 stay in the new ‘Abbey Park Primary’.
  • Option 3 – emergency changes, no Middle School from Sept 2022.
  • It is essential that all parents complete the online survey sharing their preferred option (paper versions available on request).

Whilst this process is happening please be reassured that your child’s wellbeing and educational needs will always be our priority. There will be a school place for all of our children. Staff and governors are actively involved in this process and will ensure there is the least disruption to your child’s education.

Thank you for your continued support through this process.

Rebecca Scully


Quick Link to Survey – click or scan the QR code:

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